When I found a girl that I wanted to seriously date I took her up on hikes and in the mountains. I needed to be sure that she could handle what I grew up doing. I needed someone that respected the land that we enjoy. I needed someone that could engage in any level of outdoor activity. Well, I have since found out that she is able to do it better than me at times. I still get to outpace her at a few things. One of those few things is skiing. When we are able to get out on an afternoon date we don’t choose lunch or a movie. We don’t go miniature golfing or bowling. We avoid the malls. We head to the mountains. You will find us on a traditional date night sometimes, but the real fun comes when it is me, her, and nature.

Today, I got my wife up in the mountains to put in some fresh tracks in feet of newly fallen snow up American Fork Canyon. We are not going to brag about the steep chutes or epic powder turns. This was more of a quiet jaunt through the woods. There were a couple of floaty turns, but it was nice to just be together. Over the past few years as our children have gotten older we have been able to get out a little more together. She leaves me in the dust if we run, but if we are hiking, fast packing, skiing, snowshoeing, or peak bagging then we are semi-evenly matched. I love these moments with my wife and I love that we get to do them together. Enjoy some shots from the epic beauty that was out there!

Heading into the trees to make a new track in this freshly fallen snow.

Les coming around the trees behind me in this wintery wonderland.

A meadow of vast whiteness. A perfect day to be in Salamander Flat.