Got to get out in the powdery Utah snow to start the year. Took a route up Mill Canyon off of Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon. It is so peaceful to be out in nature during the winter months. With freshly fallen snow everything looks so different and unique. The same trail can be enjoyed in such a different way when covered in white goodness.


The first two and a half miles were all fully tracked out. My goal was to make it up to Mill Canyon Peak, but I started out late so that was not going to happen. I improvised along the trail and made an awesome adventure out of it.

I have a pair of Atlas Aspect snowshoes that are amazing off trail. I really enjoy climbing in these snowshoes as they utilize a heel level that allows me to climb with less strain on my calf because they help to keep my feet level as I climb. Of the few pair of snowshoes that I own these are my go to for any fresh ascent.

At the fork to Holman Flat I turned up that direction where there were no tracks. Here I ascended up the trail and along fresh powdery tracks. Pushing up through powder up any mountain is fantastic, but to get amazing views of multiple 11,000 foot peaks all around makes it a worthwhile climb even if I don’t summit. I pushed up towards the pass to Holman Flat, but had to turn around due to it getting too late. Would’ve been nice to make an epic loop, but great to get 6.5 miles in the snow with some great fresh tracks.

There is a great feeling about making fresh tracks. It is like going along in life and taking the less chosen route and having to navigate towards a goal or accomplishment. So often we reach a fork in the road and can do what everyone else has done or make the decision to be different and lay down a path for others to follow. Starting a business was a lot like this. It was a risk and a chance that had big potential. I like taking the lesser traveled course and am often found making fresh tracks in the winter or exploring some route that I have never been on before. I enjoy unique challenges and am grateful for the ability to fulfill them.