You’re sitting in your office on the computer, work on one screen and YouTube on the other. You keep watching those running/skiing/climbing videos over and over and wishing that were you on the adventure. You keep reaching for a tissue on your desk to wipe your mouth of a bit of saliva that has extracted itself from your mouth at the sight of the epic scenery in that latest episode of Salomon Ski TV. You sit antsy in your chair peering up from the screen at the mountains, but you can not do anything about it. You have too much on your to do list to get out have an adventure of your own.

How many of your days are like this? I know that too many of mine are. So how do we cope with these days of longing for the mountains and another epic adventure?

Create Mini Adventures

Sometimes you just need a break from the mundane and need something to overcome the cabin fever and get out there. The best way that I have found to accomplish this is by getting out on a couple hour trail run, an early morning quick skin up the mountain, hitting the boulder or a lunch break on the river. Being able to accomplish these mini adventures will vary based on where you live, but find a way to get out on some type of adventure. This will keep you stoked for your big upcoming adventure without going too insane.

“Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive.” — Robert H. Schuller

Have a Plan or a Goal

Just like anything else in life having a goal gives us something that we can shoot for. Set forth an adventure plan. Are you looking to hike the John Muir Trail, a piece of the Appilachian Trail, Mt Raineer? Take a ski tour through the San Juans, up along Mount Hood, along the Wasatch. Climb El Cap, or traverse a high line through the Uintahs, Sierras, Rockys or Cascades? You may want to bike tour through Moab or spend a week climbing Joe’s Valley. A fishing trip on the Madison or South Fork or high waters in the Sawtooths.

Whatever your adventure dreams are set the date, book it and train for it. By doing this you will be able to set your mind towards this upcoming adventure that is no longer a dream, it is a soon to be realized activity. When we plan ahead it empowers us.

“The mountains are calling and I must go” — John Muir

Make More Time for Adventure

One of the greatest ways to deal with the lack of adventure is to stop lacking for adventure. Just make time to go on more adventures. Sure, it sounds so much easier than it really is, but if you can make yourself more productive and efficient with your time then you can have more time for adventure. Look at ways to make yourself more productive with the time you are at work so that you have more free time to get out and do what you really want to do.

Keep a Record of All Your Adventures

This one may cause you to want to be on adventures more often, but then go back to the previous item and then do go on more adventures. I have found that as I journal my adventures I can look back at those and they help me to look forward and plan my future outings. I certainly am more excited to get back out there, but also able to reflect on the moments that I spent in fresh air and amongst the stars. I really enjoy reading back about the things that I accomplished. This can be done on Instagram, Facebook, your personal blog or I love using the Day One app for journaling as well.

I hope that I have encouraged you to get out on another adventure. Plan it, set it and go do it, then record it to remember it later on. Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and you will be greatly rewarded!