Our Travels

Keep up with us on our travel destinations as we explore the great places around the world.

Amsterdam In A Day

Had an opportunity to tour the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands in one day. We got to see many museums, sites and the beauty that the city had to offer.

Great Basin National Park

One of the lesser known National Parks in the United States is Great Basin National Park. It sits out of the way in central eastern Nevada near the Utah border. It is actually the nearest National Park to Salt Lake, but certainly the least visited. It doesn't have the...

A Trip to Texas – Bandera 100k

Well Les and I took a trip to San Antonio to race the Bandera 100k this past weekend. Looking to get a top two finish, win some USATF prize money and come home with an auto bid in Western States. Also hoping that this little trip would be a break from some cold...

Coast to Coast

Life has been very hectic over the past 6 weeks. We have been ramping up he Altra exposure at ultra race events and pushing out our social community running information platform #RunTalks. This, along with typical marathon October has kept me traveling a lot lately. I...