As I look back on 2014 I recall the many great times and successes that have occurred. I had a few of my own adventures to give it a boost. It certainly wasn’t the epic peak bagging year of 2013, but 2014 had many great accomplishments within its own right. This past year was my own battle to get back into running as well as work with my wife to great successes on the ultra circuit.

I pushed myself really hard to start the year with one goal, complete the Zion Traverse. I had ear marked a date in May and I was going to make it happen amidst our busy schedules. I wasn’t as well trained as I should’ve been, but I made it all 50 miles in just around 20 hours. No blistering pace, but felt really good about that for that course considering I hobbled the last 6 miles or so. After the traverse my body was really fatigued for much of the year and I am still battling the desire to get out and run consistently. I have put together a few really good runs, but they have been far and few between. I look forward to having a much better mojo in 2015.

I did get out on a few backpacking adventures, including an epic 30 mile fastpack with Les through the Uintah Mountains.

For my wife 2014 was a pretty epic year. We had an awesome time traveling out to Lake Sonoma in April to help her to a legit 8th place finish and a confidence of racing with the fast gals. This was after a strong showing at Red Hot 55k 6 weeks earlier. The. In June I got to crew her to a course record and first place finish at the Bryce 100. She completed her first ever hundred without a pacer and in course record fashion. Talmage and I were there to watch her accomplish that great feat. July then brought on a strong showing at Speedgoat. She finished up the year with an awesome 4th place finish and some good cash at Run Rabbit Run 100. She was able to finish another brutal hundred again without pacers. So proud of her season and really excited for 2015!

As a family we had a blast touring Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches NP, and spending some time at Disneyland. These trips were a lot of fun to do as a family and learn a lot about the land we live in. Also, as a family we have picked up bouldering and enjoy our hikes and trips to the outdoors.

I have been really busy with Altra and we have seen another amazing year of growth. Business continues to boom and it is great to think of what we have done with this little shoe company idea in such a short period of time. So fun to see what we have started and how it is blossoming. This year I traveled quite a bit going to places all over the country such as So Cal, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Steamboat, Boston and so much more.

It has been a wonderful year. I am excited for the many adventures that await in 2015 and the things I am confident that I can accomplish.